Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

Armed with an education that combines academic excellence, hands-on experience and thought-provoking research, UNT graduates are workforce leaders who rise to the top.

Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

UNT’s greatest impact is through its students — and alumni. The university gives students a strong academic foundation and hands-on experience for the jobs that the global economy demands, with an emphasis on innovation and leadership. Armed with the knowledge to act, UNT graduates contribute every day to the social and economic well-being of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the state and the nation. As workplace leaders and productive citizens, they impact the global economy through their contributions. As college graduates, they are the backbone of a highly skilled workforce.


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Education Impacts

On average, college graduates earn nearly double that of high school graduates.

Increased wages only tell part of the story. The demand for people who have college degrees will be much higher in the near future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for high school graduates will increase by 3.9 percent through 2024 while the demand for those with a bachelor’s degree will see an 8.2 percent growth. Workers who have earned a master’s or professional degree will see the highest increase in demand. Occupations that require a master’s degree will experience a 13.8 percent increase through 2024 and professional degree holders will see a 12.2 percent increase. Students who start college but do not finish earn even less than those with only a high school degree according to this data set.   

With more businesses and industries requiring a highly skilled workforce with professionals who have specialized skills and a high level of critical thinking, a college degree is more important than ever. Like always, a college degree helps people go farther, faster. And a degree from UNT doesn’t just translate into greater earning potential and career success; it also enhances an individual’s overall potential and their contributions to society.

Graduation Leader

  • Top 5: UNT is one of state’s Top 5 universities for the total number of degrees awarded annually, with more than 9,500 degrees awarded in 2017-18. UNT has awarded almost 300,000 degrees in its history so far.
  • 1st in DFW: UNT consistently leads the Dallas-Fort Worth area and ranks among the state’s top universities for the number of doctoral degrees it awards annually.

Supporting Industries of Today and Tomorrow

UNT’s strength comes from the breadth of its 230 degree programs, which offers the path to any career whether it's in the classroom, the newsroom, the showroom or the boardroom.

  • School leaders: UNT's College of Education is one of the top producers of teachers, administrators, counselors, health professionals and other school professionals in Texas. It's also one of the state's top producers of students taking the state teaching certification exam, with an average 97 percent pass rate.
  • Information and technology experts: UNT's College of Information harnesses the power of information and technology, and its graduate program and information studies program are ranked among the best in the nation. U.S. News & World Report ranks its medical librarianship graduate program seventh in the nation; its school library media graduate program tenth in the nation; and its library and information studies 12th in the nation.
  • Top storytellers: UNT's Mayborn School of Journalism prepares students to work in all communications fields and offers the only nationally accredited professional journalism master’s program in the Southwest. The school is known for producing some of the nation’s top storytellers, including the winners of eight Pulitzer Prizes.
  • Retail and tourism leaders: UNT's College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism houses the largest merchandising program in the nation and one of the largest hospitality and tourism management programs. Its innovative degrees include the nation’s first bachelor’s degree in digital retailing; first completely online M.S. in merchandising; first master’s degree in international sustainable tourism; and first retail degree integrating courses in merchandising, digital retailing and operations.
  • Top performers: Ranked 19th in the world by The Hollywood Reporter, UNT's College of Music is one of the world’s largest and most respected comprehensive music schools — and home to the world’s first jazz studies program. UNT music alumni can be found on stage and around the globe in award-winning careers across a wide-range of music professions. 
  • First responders and city leaders: UNT's College of Health and Public Service is home to the nation’s first undergraduate emergency administration and planning program and is one of the largest producers of top-level city executives in Texas. Its Top 20 programs include public administration (city management/urban policy) master’s program, which is ranked 21st in the nation; graduate rehabilitation counseling program ranked 12th in the nation; and an online graduate criminal justice program ranked 15th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

UNT's strength also comes from being an agile university, one that keeps pace with industry and the hottest jobs by refining and evolving programs to give students the competitive edge. Today at UNT, you’ll find future big data analysts, biomedical engineers and user design experts alongside future teachers, lawyers and doctors.


The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to some of the world’s top corporations and is a hub for small businesses and startups. Companies depend on a high-quality workforce, and business graduates in particular are important to driving a company’s growth and innovation.

As one of the largest colleges of business in the nation with several top-ranked programs, UNT’s G. Brint Ryan College of Business is focused on producing well-educated, highly qualified business professionals. UNT enrolls more than 5,800 students a year in disciplines ranging from accounting to logistics. Its graduates lead and start businesses and help companies in the region and around the world thrive and grow.

UNT’s 15 M.B.A. programs range from international business to strategic management, and give people the career boost they need to become C-Level executives.

  • 9th: UNT's College of Business ranked 9th top business school in Texas by
  • 28th: UNT’s online M.B.A. program is ranked 28th in the nation for Best Online Graduate Business Programs by U.S. News & World Report, a Top 25 by The Princeton Review and a Top 25 Best Buy.


DFW is one of the world’s biggest and busiest transportaion hubs. Companies and customers need logistics pros who understand how to move goods quickly and efficiently through the supply chain. UNT’s logistics program delivers that workforce as one of the best and largest programs in the nation. 

  • Largest: The logistics program is one of the largest undergraduate programs in the U.S.
  • Job Placement: UNT logistics has a near perfect job placement rate for graduates and is a Lockheed Martin corporate program.
  • Top: UNT logistics ranks 45th for its reputation in preparing students to manage supply chains effectively, according to Supply Chain Technology Education. Gartner Research ranks the program 20th.
  • First: UNT’s four-year aviation logistics program was the first in Texas and prepares students for careers in aviation and aviation logistics.


With programs that range from materials science to biomedical engineering, UNT’s College of Engineering is home to future engineers and innovative researchers who are improving and creating technologies that are part of our everyday lives.

One of the university's fastest growing areas, the college is home to the mechanical and energy engineering program — a pioneer in green technologies from net-zero energy consumption to bioproducts. With its materials science and engineering program, the college is a pacesetter in the area of surface engineering, with a focus on high-performance materials. And its computer science and engineering program is making research excellence strides in game programming, cybersecurity, big data and computational epidemiology.

  • 189%: UNT’s engineering enrollment has increased 189% since the college was established in 2002.
  • 4th: UNT’s computer science degree is ranked fourth in the nation as a "top return on investment" by
  • 70th: UNT’s material science and engineering graduate program is ranked 70th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
  • 23%: The U.S. Labor Department predicts that one of the fastest-growing areas in engineering will be biomedical engineering, with jobs expected to grow by 23% by 2024.


As one of the nation’s best and most comprehensive visual arts schools in the nation, UNT’s College of Visual Arts and Design is at the forefront of design research and graphic design through its distinguished communication design program. Design research is built on understanding the connections between social science and design and using technology and research to create meaningful experiences. It’s becoming an increasingly important field as companies focus more on the user experience.

  • Leader: The college is one of the largest producers of university-certified art educators in Texas and more artists and designers than any other institution.
  • #2: UNT’s graphic design program is ranked second in the Southwest by Animation Career Review, an independent online source for people seeking careers in the animation and gaming industries.
  • First and only: The college offers the first and only Ph.D. program in art education in Texas.

Industry-Focused Education

A hub of corporate headquarters, Fortune 1000 companies and thriving startups, the North Texas region has one of the largest, most vibrant economies in the world. Frisco and Collin County are at the heart of this economic boom as one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

Industries want employees who not only know their field, but who are business, tech and people savvy. The University of North Texas New College at Frisco, an off-site instructional facility, is delivering that workforce by creating leaders and problem-solvers who will help take their companies to the next level. The New College brings the power and convenience of a UNT education to one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas.

Catering to working professionals and students in the heart of one of the fastest-growing, industry-rich areas in the nation, UNT’s New College at Frisco offers programs and courses in growing fields like marketing analytics and sports management. The New College focuses on industry collaboration, partnerships and engagement, working with companies to bring their leaders into the classroom and offering classes and programs that fit their workforce needs.

The New College is UNT's newest off-campus location, designed to fill a market need. UNT serves the region through its main campus in Denton and locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area including the Collin Higher Education Center, the Universities Center in downtown Dallas and more locations on the horizon.