Designing the Future

Since 1890, UNT has been the path to bigger and better things for hundreds of thousands of students who fuel the economic, intellectual and cultural vitality of the region and world.

Designing The Future

UNT is a Carnegie-ranked top tier research university — a recognition that speaks to the university's quality and impact. UNT creates leaders and doers, giving them a world-class education. It provides a workforce of bright, entrepreneurial college graduates who are leading the way to change. And it strengthens the region and state through innovative research and scholarship that leads to better solutions, fresh perspectives and new technologies. In short, UNT provides the brain power and energy that fuels the progress of the world's largest and powerful economies.

UNT’s primary role is to be a student’s pathway to a college degree. With nearly 41,000 students, UNT is not just one of the state’s largest public universities, it's also one of its biggest producers. UNT is one of the state’s Top 5 universities for the number of students it graduates each year. This alone translates into a real impact.


Having a college-educated workforce means graduates have more earning and spending power, businesses have more staying power and cities have more economic power. This alone fosters strong, resilient communities and businesses.

But UNT, like all universities, has a much broader impact. UNT is a leading employer in Denton County and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It promotes cultural and social development and serves the community. And UNT is an innovation hub — bringing new ideas and technologies to the marketplace through technology transfer and public-private partnerships.

All of this combined means that UNT is an essential component to fostering a healthy economy and a vibrant community.

Through an annual strategic planning process, UNT continually redefines its future and the future of its students by thinking about new ways to fulfill its mission:

  • Providing the best education to students to prepare them for lifelong success
  • Delivering the innovations and intellect that will solve global problems and power the economy

Through this constant state of evaluation and evolution, UNT is focused on being a university of tomorrow, fueled by a legacy of excellence 126 years strong.